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Positive Mamma Mia Reviews

Welp, Mamma Mia had great reviews and here is a major highlight:

"Speaking of relatable, let’s talk about Donna’s BFFs (best friends forever). Jenna Kantor’s Tanya and Madison Kauffman’s Rosie nearly stole the show. Both Kantor and Kauffman used everything in their impressive arsenals to wow and delight the audience. With incredible singing voices and dynamic use of face and body, these brilliant women had us ping-ponging between them trying not to miss a single hilarious moment. After an especially side-splitting rendition of “Chiquitita,” in which Tanya and Rosie try to comfort and cheer up Donna, the friend I was sitting with leaned over to quietly whisper, “I want to be best friends with them!” Indeed, I think we all felt that way. Brava!"

- Phelps County Focus (view full review here)

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