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Falsettos Reviews Are In!

The reviews have come in and here are some highlights:

"And then there’s Jenna Kantor, the proud mother, the weary wife, the sound of reason with all the fragile dissonance of insecurity. The audience knows straight off Kantor has amazing command of her stage, but just wait a few numbers for her “I’m Breaking Down” and she owns it. Even with such amazing vocal competition (but who’s keeping score?) Kantor wins the night with “Trina’s Song,” perhaps the show’s most memorable, if not insightful, tune."

- Entertainment Central (view full review here)

"Kantor is a well-traveled dancer, actress and performing arts physical therapist, as well as a relative newcomer to Pittsburgh. As Trina, she starts out as a wreck, expressed in the aptly named “Trina’s Song,” wherein she is having a mental breakdown while preparing a meal – clearly, she should not have a knife in her hand. It’s a full-bodied cry for help from someone who’s life has gone completely off the rails. Soprano Kantor bemoans and belts and breaks down in what is a highlight of the show."

- onStage Pittsburgh (view full review here)

"...Kantor anchor(s) the emotional center of the story with conviction and heart"

- The Pittsburgh Tatler (view full review here)

"Kantor’s “I’m breaking down” is a moment of pure joy. A triumph! Her character runs through a gamut of conflicting emotions breaking down while cooking her Carrot-Banana Surprise (which sounds heinous by the way)."

- 'Burgh Vivant (view full review here)

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